Joyce Rodgers is a homeschooling mother of four children.  Her life experiences are diverse and on some days interesting to hear about.  Her eclectic interests have led her through several mini-lives and through most of them she has had children in tow.  As a teen and young adult, Joyce very much hoped to avoid the child thing for a long while and intended at whatever point she succumbed to child-bearing she would allow God to provide two sons – girls seemed too complicated.  As ever, God had a sense of humor and not only started the baby having experience ahead of schedule, but graciously provided four children – 2 boys (as ordered) AND 2 girls.  Much to her delight, mothering her moderately large family (only a starter family in some homeschool circles) has been, to quote Bill and Ted, an “excellent adventure”.

This blog is intended for whomever stumbles across it and elects to read it.  And, no, my intended audience is not parents in general.  Nothing against dads, they are super swell – hard to have kids without them, but the mom experience cannot necessarily be generalized into the parenting experience overall.  Even when dads stay home with children and serve in many of the traditionally female capacities, they bring their dad-ness to it.  I think this is awesome and would hardly feel qualified to expound on those experiences.  So since my field of expertise is moming, I will stick with that.

Being a mother is wildly delightful.  Each days experiences provide opportunities to be delighted and rejoice in the creation each child is.  Much like a trapeze artist experiences, there is a thrill that comes with flying, diving and feeling the breeze as it blows through your hair with each days ups and downs.  However, part of the thrill comes from the knowledge that you are flying high and somewhat tenuously and the stakes are high.  Each night mothers throughout the world are going to bed praying for their children, reflecting on the events of the day, hoping that they met their children’s needs and planning on how to create even bigger and better opportunities for their children the next day.

Thanks for joining me on this little journey – I am thrilled to have the company and ALWAYS am excited to hear your thoughts.  I anticipate some days will be silly and sentimental, some days will be serious and potentially darned tweaked – such is the life of a mom…


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