Waiting for a hero …

12 Mar

I continued on with my reading of Isaiah and through out that God confirmed that if we do submit and if we do choose the path we are called to, then we will be able to feel the closness of God when we “cry out”.  Psalm 86 (Psalm 86: 1-6) reiterated this message but from a human point of view … the Psalms are so good for this.  While reading the Psalms you hear the urgency, the need and the desperation to feel God near.  What is remarkable to me, coming from an era and a culture that prays for our material needs to be met (and yes I pray for that too), the Psalmist cries out for God to “gladden his soul…”  When we think about it, ultimately that’s what we are seeking.  Someone who will bring us peace and joy.  Someone who will calm the fear and raise hope.  I think lots of times we cling to the things because they make us feel secure.  We cling to people because we “need” them. 

When trouble strikes and when the storms roll in, we wait for a hero to swoop in and rescue us.  If our hero needs tights, well that’s fine … we can get over our discomfort with a man in spandex.  If he’s a western gunslinger … well okee dokee then, not sure how I feel about the lack of showering, but it will do.  The truth is, I don’t think we care how our fears are tamped; we just know we need something bigger than ourselves. 

There’s a film I’m dying to see, “Waiting for Superman”.  It’s suppose to be a wonderful new documentary on our country’s education system.  And honestly, while I’m very interested in how we educate in this country what drives me to see the movie is the title and how it came by it.  The title was a quote from one fellow who was interviewed who recounted his experience in a particularly dismal area.  One day his mom told him the popular superhero, Superman, wasn’t real.  That was the day he lost hope.  He saw that the problems he and his community faced where so big, that only Superman could save them.  Without Superman, he was lost and left with a dark realism that there wasn’t anyone big enough to rescue him.

I think we are all waiting for Superman or some other kind of hero.  For some of us we may put these expectations on a person, our parent, boyfriend/girlfriend, friend or spouse.  Others may rely on a politician or political party.  Still others will assume that if they work hard enough and long enough they can make it happen for themselves.  I think it’s really hard, but the truth of the matter is that God is the only one who can fill the spot of superhero for real.  There are no comic book heroes ready to fly in, and the gunslingers are really smelly and maybe not that nice either. 

Once we realize that no one can calm our fears and ease our worries outside of God, and once we realize that no matter how hard we work the insecurities won’t go away until we give up, so to speak, then we will be able to feel the peace we are looking for.

I look around and I know that any hard days I am having are being experienced all over.  I know that the times we live in our insanely difficult.  I honestly believe that someday people will ask about what was it like to live now, and we are living a moment that will define at least one generation.  I am hopeful that the churches are teaching its members how to really get to know God, because He is the hero we have been waiting for and without him, hope is hard to come by.


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