Let the wild rumpus begin…

30 Jun

Oh my gosh, can you hear the circus music playing yet…seriously this is a major trapeze/acrobatic/high-wire act to be accomplished today.  I think this is exactly the kind of day I was thinking of when this blog came to mind. 

Waking up at ten til eight, I realized we were already destined to be late for 8:00 swim practice.  Dash away…dash away…  Baby girl breaks down after being advised that since cousins are sick playdate has been canceled.  Dash away…dash away…  Off to practice and following a bit of chit-chat with moms and dads and helping around the pool, baby girl breaks down because children have teased her.  Dash away…dash away…  Hugs and hugs and hugs and negotiate detente between a 5, 6 and 8 year old – All is well as we work collectively to rescue a pool-side catapillar… baby caterpillar.  Dash away…dash away…  Big boy gets out of the pool, “Let’s go, I’m done.”  Hmm thinks me, “What about cupcakes and your meet ribbons.”  – “Don’t need ribbons.  Don’t like cupcakes.”  Dash away…dash away…  Off to the house, pleas coming from the back seat – take us to the pool. (Ummm where did we just leave from)  Promises to consider it “if we have time”.  Dash away…dash away…  Must get ready for tomorrow mornings weekend camping trip – groceries, packing, gear.  Dash away…dash away…  Check email to discover new writing assignment has come in and will need to write up to four articles on bankruptcy by the end of the day.  Dash away…dash away…  Experience a Total Recall moment and realize that the “school” is going to have to be emptied of 20 boxes of books and piles of lumber to accomodate camp – has to happen today.  Dash away…dash away…  Realization that I have 105 minutes until I have to be dropping off the big boy to “hang-out” with friends – my only real helper.  Dash away…dash away…  Realize that I have promised a bank trip to a customer and must process business payments today.  Dash away…dash away…   WHERE ARE THE DERNED REINDEER!

I will tell you the part that is probably most disturbing about this entire scenario is 1)I think I can do it or 2)I think it might be a good day.  But if you find me strung up from the top of my circus tent hanging by one leg and one arm…it isn’t part of the routine and I may need a little help.

I’m hoping all of you have an awesome day and have a moment to make it fun!


2 Responses to “Let the wild rumpus begin…”

  1. Judy June 30, 2010 at 7:26 pm #

    Congrats on your new blog! I think you capture the realities of your life in a realistic way that is entertaining, and does not come across as malicious, bitter, or whiny. Also love the photos you’ve been using. Keep up the good work!

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