It’s Mama Time…

24 Jun

Well with fourteen minutes to kick this off and my youngest chatting by my side, this post may seem a little scattered.  Frankly, however, this is probably a more honest introduction than anything I would have finely tuned, edited and prepared for my grand debut.  This represents me, in real life. 

As the mother four children 8 to 15, everyday seems to simultaneously to be an adventure, an endurance test, a delightful journey and an abyss.  The up days must be particularly good (although I have to admit that many days are a blur) because I never regret having children nor do I resent being asked to spend a big chunk of my day with them.  I have, however, been known to fade into daydreams of what my life, not to mention my body, looked like in the days before they entered my world.

Why the title “Mothering Without Nets”?  Well, I woke up in the middle of the night – another side effect of my parenting adventure.  Parenting is probably the riskiest undertaking I have ever pursued.  What seemed to me to be relatively straightforward at the outset – love them, clean them, feed them and when they are sick take them to doctor – is far from simple or straightforward.  So much of what I do is either out of my hands or so overwhelming it seems impossible to do as well as I would like.  Everyday poses challenges that bear the weight of their future and the potential for the need for lifelong counseling.  The trapeze artist my wow us with their stunts for a handful of minutes, and it is extra stimulating to watch them swing themselves from rope to rope without the safety of wires or nets.  The mom though, presents her death-defying feats endlessly.  Each moment is not her own and the stakes are high.  There are no wires or safety nets to catch her when she stumbles and she must exhibit fantastic agility as she balances her children’s needs.  Imagine stepping back and being able to watch a mother performing her acrobatics with her children’s lives in her hands with no wires or nets – Spectacular!

Moms are not super heros, but hard-working, blue-collar gals who have voluntarily sacrificed their own will and desires to serve the needs of their children – and most of us smile at the thought.

Well my fifteen minutes is up and it is time to dash off to meet a Spanish teacher … We now ask for silence from the audience as she performs her next feat, please note that she will perform this without the assistance of nets or wires and is swinging by her teeth!


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